Our mission is to empower people and to make a difference in our world. Our commitment is to deliver avenues for humanitarian outreach and to inspire leadership in the hearts of millions.

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Laurel Barrett is CEO and founder of HEROES FOR HUMANITY, an internet media company that celebrates heroes from all walks of life. In a world where positive stories are often overshadowed by news of war, injustice and global warming, Heroes for Humanity sees the light, providing positive inspirational stories from every day people and in-depth insight from some of the most influential leaders of our time. The web-based organization was started in 2001 to empower people to become the hero within, and then positively impact their lives, communities and the world. "Every time I was introduced to someone new they seemed to have an amazing story about someone who influenced their lives," Barrett says. "We all need mentors and role models who positively influence us- and everyone has one, whether it's a teacher, movie star or next door neighbor. I think it's time we share the stories and celebrate all of the heroes in our lives and the hero that we all can be."
Determined to bridge the gap between the entrepreneurial spirit and those who've achieved monumental success in every aspect of their lives, Barrett set out on a personal journey to unmask the secrets behind their accomplishments. She has traveled extensively across the United States and to places as far away as India, Hong Kong and Italy to record invaluable conversations with some of the world’s most influential business and spiritual leaders of our time. She will soon share their stories and philosophies in her upcoming movie, The Success Commandments.
Barrett is a dynamic motivational speaker and co-author of the inspirational books, "Heroes for Humanity: Empower Inspire" and the upcoming Empower! Inspire! Mastermind of Success". She is currently involved in the highly anticipated, "The Success Commandments," a remarkable look at the secrets behind wealth and the universal laws of success. "With our books and websites we have a way to share stories with the world on a daily basis. little grassroots effort has grown into something that is more than we ever imagined, and if we can change lives throughout the world by inspiring people to make a difference, then we've done our job."
She attended Southern Methodist University in Texas, has spent the past 15 years on the board of numerous charitable organizations, and continues to volunteer time, energy and spirit to Art, Wellness and Education. When isn’t traveling to another faraway land, Laurel Barrett is based in Dallas and Los Angeles.


Charles Glover was the former president of Cox Enterprises and it’s first editor-in-chief. He was a major force that is credited with creating an atmosphere that encouraged questions, creativity, and leadership. Charles was one of a very small group of executives to work under all four of the Cox board chairmen in the 20th century. His leadership set a standard to be modeled after in the business and charitable world today. A veteran of the Battle of Leyte Gulf in World War II, Glover entered the newspaper business at Cox Enterprises, as a reporter in 1949, rising through the ranks to become editor, business manager, and ultimately president. Charles was the author of the book, "Journey Through the Years: The Story of Cox Enterprises" and the weekly New York Times syndicated World War II Series, published in 600 newspapers worldwide from 1991 to 1995. In addition to serving as Chairman and Board of Directors and contributing editor of Heroes for Humanity, Charles was chairman of the Audio-Verbal Center of Atlanta and member of the American Society of Newspaper Editors. He was also a past president of the Big Brothers and is a recipient of the National Hope Chest Award from the Multiple Sclerosis Society. He was the Co-Chairman of fundraising for the Lupus Foundation along with Henry Aaron. He was a member of the Alexis De Tocqueville Society, Rotary International and United Way. He served on the Board of Directors of the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Savannah, Georgia. Today, the Charles E. Glover Gallery dedicated in his honor at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum is devoted to women in aviation and the Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASP) in World War II.

Heroes for Humanity, and the world, lost a true hero with the passing of our beloved Charles Glover. Remembering his passion for journalism, business and philanthropy, we salute his contributions in life and beyond. He remains our Chairman Emeritus.

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A Retired Editor and Executive Vice President of "The Dallas Morning News," Langer is now the Executive in Residence and professor in the Division of Journalism at Southern Methodist University. He was interim Chair of the Division from 1999 through 2001. He is a journalism graduate of the University of Michigan. His first journalism management post was as Managing Editor of the "Port Angeles Daily News." He also worked as a copy editor at the Detroit Free Press. Langer was Managing Editor of the Dayton Journal Herald and Editor of the "Everett Herald." During his time at the "The Dallas Morning News" the newspaper won six Pulitzer Prizes. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the American Society of Newspaper Editors and was twice a Pulitzer Prize juror. He won the James Madison Award from the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas and the Jack Douglas Award for Distinguished Service from the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors Association, and The National Press Photographers Association also named him Editor of the Year.

He is the Founding President of:
-- The National Freedom of Information Coalition, a First Amendment organization.
-- The Council of Presidents, a coalition of heads of journalism organizations in the United States.

He is a Past President of:
-- The national Associated Press Managing Editors Association.
-- The Press Club of Dallas.
-- The Texas Freedom of Information Foundation.


For more than 15 years, syndicated columnist Candy Havens has been covering the entertainment industry for TV Data Features Syndicate in New York. Her columns are seen by more than 40 million readers each week. She can be heard weekday mornings live with the Dorsey Gang on 96.3 KSCS covering the latest in entertainment news. Candy’s film and TV reviews run throughout the day on the station. A regular contributor to the Fort-Worth Star Telegram, Candy writes a weekly celebrity Q&A focusing on film and television stars. She most recently published a biography on George Clooney. She is a member of the TV Critics Association and Dallas/Fort-Worth Film Critics Association. Candy divides her time between Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York. Candy serves as a mentor to young writers and is proud that many of the people she has helped have gone on to become successful writers. Her philanthropic endeavors include raising funds on national level for St. Judes Children’s Hospital, Easter Seals, March of Dimes, Christ Haven and the Reach to Recovery program through the service organization Epsilon Sigma Alpha. She is also involved with the Lone Star Santas program.

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Steve with one of his heroes,
Roy Rogers.


Steve Connatser, owner of Connatser and Company, has won over 400 awards for design and writing as editor-in-chief and/or design director of several well-respected national magazines and with various Fortune 500 advertising clients. For his efforts, H.R.H. Prince Charles sent his personal congratulations for a job “very well done” and William F. Buckley wrote that he considers Connatser “the best designer in the world.” Over many of these same years he also taught advertising and design at his alma mater, Southern Methodist University. Connatser is fortunate enough to have crossed paths with many heroes. Audie Murphy grew up in his grandfather’s barn. His parents were the civil rights pioneers Reverend James Elder Connatser, Jr., and Betty Connatser. While in the Army, his life was saved by a young man whose bravery earned him the Carnagie Hero Medal. Through his business and on mission trips, Connatser has traveled much of the world, getting to know some all-time favorite celebrity heroes such as John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Nolan Ryan, Mickey Mantle, Troy Aikman, Bob Hope, Arnold Palmer, and Tiger Woods. Connatser is surrounded by his biggest heroes now: His wife, Judy, currently a director at Neiman Marcus, is responsible for taking the Komen Breast Cancer Foundation from its two-city beginning to a national organization, and who thereafter became a two-time survivor herself. And his daughter, Angela, who as a sophomore in high school founded an organization that in two years, has generated over 100,000 hours of community service to needy Dallasites.

Click on the image to see full size pictureBOB PELLERIN

Bob Pellerin is a senior information technology (IT) professional with over 12 years of experience in high-tech service and design-based environments. He brings a combination of in-depth computer hardware knowledge, enterprise level networking knowledge, and software experience to Heroes for Humanity.

His previous employers include such recognized names as Microsoft, AST Computers and MicronPC.com, where he was a recipient of Micron's Year 2000 Technical Excellence Award.

Bob is also the author of the science fiction trilogy Couch Wars®. His latest book, The Future Never Dies®, can be found on most on-line book resellers.